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Egypt – right or a wrong decision - August 24, 2013 by Muslimsvoiceofamerica

Well Well Well, in life we have options and consequence of a selecting a wrong option.

Well, what to do?

Option 1: Support Egypt military/dictatorship


Option 2: Support the democratically elected legitimate imperfect govt.

These are the questions faced by the rest of the democratic world (particularly the leader of free world (USA)), so what option will the free world take, easy one (option 1) or the right one (option 2).


If the choice is Option 1:  then its a easy one. Every dictator of this region will fully support it 100%. Just look who is behind the military right now: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, and the rest of dictatorship. Here is the article talking about this regimes and their support of military coup. Mideast Allies Press U.S. on Egypt.  Its obvious why these dictators are supporting Egypt military coup, and its because they don’t want another democratic govt in their mist after first country (Iraq) became democratic country. Its a thread to their kingdoms/dictatorships.


But if the choice is Option 2: then its hard one in the short term but long term its the best for the whole free world. This goes without saying that the best outcome should be a democratic country with free and fair society. In short term, it will be messy and bloody or failed attempts, but longer term it will be the best outcome for democratic world.

We will see that these dictatorships  will be phased out by the people of respective countries and the freedom and democracy will flourish. Let’s give democratic Egypt a helping hand and let’s not get cheated by the false rumors or propaganda. We have seen how the people got slaughtered just for protesting against the coup. Democracy is messy but it doesn’t mean the military comes in and takes over. So, let’s show the military that they don’t have a place in civic life and they should remain in barrackS protecting country and let the civil society decides the outcome of the country political process.

Peace Out!




Egypt – Pathetic example of democracy? - July 5, 2013 by Muslimsvoiceofamerica

Is Egypt – a pathetic example of democracy?

Looks like a democratic country, product of Arab Spring turned out to be a pathetic example of democracy.

After successfully overthrowing the true dictator( of long times) and the military backers, and going through election and electing the govt., people decided they liked the idea of revolution and tends to play this as a game instead of working together and making this process work.

Odd, this same people who were suppressed by the Mubarak and the military are now demanding the military to be back in the business of controlling the country and the politics.

If the new govt. which they elected didn’t work for them, they should have followed the democratic mean to replace it and not by dictates or inviting the old order to help. THIS IS A GRAVE MISTAKE and SURE THOSE WHO BROUGHT THIS ON THE COUNTRY WILL REPENT IT. Military will now be using this situation to keep themselves in the political business and RULE the country by “divide and rule” policies petting one group against the others. This is a Very unfortunate OUTCOME.

Egypt people learn a very bad lesson from the democratic movements of Arab Spring. Instead of understanding that the democracy is a process where people choose their govt. by voting and the party with majority gets the mandate to govern the country for the specified time period. People instead thought of throwing the elected govt. by demands, force, and riots but not by means of democracy like voting them out in the next elections or any other democratic means. They should understand that there are other methods within democratic systems to protest and remove a govt. They should follow the democratic means to put the Govt. on notice and might be follow the no=confidence vote within parliament or any other body of the govt.

If all the democratic methods which are legal are exhausted and or not representative, they should demands early elections or wait its turn for the next election to choose any other party of their choice.


Muslim States in China – Kashgar, Xinjiang - June 30, 2013 by admin

Inside Mecca – National Geographic - March 1, 2013 by Muslimsvoiceofamerica

Inside Mecca – National Geographic

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Right of Return for Palestinians - January 6, 2013 by Muslimsvoiceofamerica

Right of Return for Palestinians

Dr. Ahmadinejad on CNN With Piers Morgan (Full Interview 2012) - September 30, 2012 by Muslimsvoiceofamerica

Dr. Ahmadinejad on CNN With Piers Morgan (Full Interview 2012)

Understanding Islam - September 13, 2012 by admin

Rights Abuses Persist Against Burmese Muslims - July 26, 2012 by admin

Activists and rights groups say violence continues against Burma’s ethnic Muslim minorities, six weeks after a state of emergency was declared in western Rakhine state.

The government says at least 78 people have been killed in the region since late May, when longstanding tensions between the Buddhist Rakhines and Muslim Rohingyas erupted into communal violence.
To read more click below.
Rights Abuses Persist Against Burmese Muslims


Saudi Arabia – Downfall of Kingdom and Rise of Islamic democracy - May 26, 2012 by Muslimsvoiceofamerica

Saudi Arabia’s king/dictators time has come to hand over the power to its people and show a good example to the Muslim world and to other countries in the neighborhood to follow suit.
Today Syria (the barbarian), Bahrain (the suppressor) and other countries fighting within killing thousands.
Saudi Arabia, Just Lead by example and stop the suppression of the your population and instigation of regional troubles. Start by handing the power to the people and let them elect their democratic government represented by the people. Your example will inspire other countries and you can be good example. Your country can take rightful leadership role to guide other countries to follow your example.
Stop stealing your own country resources and using for your own personal gain, let the people benefit and let the needy benefit instead of serving your UN-islamic wasteful exploitative use.

A Nuclear IRAN – Part 3 - April 14, 2012 by Muslimsvoiceofamerica

Think you now what Iran is up to? You might be surprised. Watch this 25 minute special program with Christiane Amanpour to get the answers:

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